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Animal Resources Facility

Facility Lead: Dr. Suman Kumer Paul, DVM, MSc

Dr Paul is an expert in the field of laboratory animal sciences with 12 years of experience in research, laboratory animal breeding, management and different in-vivo bioassays to meet icddr,b’s research demands and that of pharmaceuticals companies and different universities of Bangladesh. He started his career in icddr,b in 2009 as a researcher in the zoonotic cluster unit where he conducted the valuable epidemiological research of different zoonotic diseases. Dr Paul has been instrumental in organising several training programmes in the area of laboratory animal management, breeding and use etc. He is a member secretary of icddr,b’s Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee through which ethical approval is obtained before initiating any significant changes in the laboratory. He also plays a key role for the government, universities and other research organisations to ethically develop the sector.




The Animal Resources Facility (ARF) is a research support branch of icddr,b and considered as a core supply of laboratory animals in Bangladesh. The ARF has been a national asset and a nucleus in scientific breeding station for upstream research in the area of health sciences throughout the country. Animal resources facility works to achieve icddr,b’s vision, mission and quality of services. The Laboratory strives to deliver understanding the presence of diarrhoeal producing organisms in various environmental samples and cultures media. Understanding the presence of toxic effects of different injectable medicinal materials and screening blood parameters by hormone injection. The Laboratory also develops animals for ascites fluid production, antisera raising in different animals as per requirements by investigators.

ARF collects disease-free blood of different animals (sheep, chicken, turkey, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice) for blood cells, serum, complement, enzymes, and hormones detection and isolation. Developing healthy and disease free inbred and outbreed laboratory animals for research purposes is one of the Laboratory’s key area of work. In addition, they provide training on Laboratory Animal Model and different bioassay for advance research. Recently, the animal facility has launched potency of TT vaccine which is crucial for the country. The facility will be launching an “Animal Bioassay lab” very shortly to expand the dimension of their work dimension.

Animal Resources Facility (ARF) Service List and Rate