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Laboratory Sciences and Services Division

The laboratory sciences division (LSD) has prominently existed within the icddr,b for decades and was since rechristened as the laboratory sciences and services division (LSSD) in 2016.

The division traditionally rendered pioneering research contributions in the areas of bacterial genetics & evolution, pathogen survival mechanisms, molecular epidemiology and diagnostic development besides providing essential laboratory support for projects and outbreak investigations within Bangladesh and abroad. Some of the paradigm shift studies in the above areas had been published from the division. The LSSD has always carried out and supported field based and clinical research programs and trials through its laboratory based solutions and platforms besides its flagship diagnostic laboratories. The division operates with its strategic objective of bringing all research laboratories and services arms under one umbrella operation such that sciences and services exist and develop in a coherent, inclusive and interdisciplinary ecosystem. The division hosts some of the finest research laboratories and its clinical diagnostic laboratories serve as reference laboratories for clinical diagnostic analysis of human disease cohorts and control subjects. The diagnostic laboratories are the only accredited labs under ISO15189 (quality) and ISO15190 (safety) in Bangladesh for as many as 160 different tests and parameters. Approximately 1500 patients and individuals avail diagnostic services each day from the diagnostic OPD of the Centre, in addition to the in-patient cohorts and patients referred from icddr,b staff clinic.

The division also operates other research support facilities such as the Genomics Centre that provides exquisite services in the areas of genomics, metagenomics, exon sequencing and microRNA sequencing etc. A state of art animal house and a bacteriological media facility also cater to the requirements of the researchers from within icddr,b and outside collaborators. The division has been responsible for regulatory oversight related to biosafety & biosecurity as well as for laboratory quality monitoring and quality assurance services. The division also hosts an impressive and well maintained biorepository which houses all archived biological materials in an ordered and classified manner. All the service facilities of the division are 100% self sustaining and generate surplus revenues to recover operational expenses of the division as well as the humanitarian projects of the Centre mainly in saving lives from diseases. In 2019, the division is supported by ~230 staff members including 30 scientists and medical doctors.