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U. Electrolyte (24 h.)

Specimen Required
Urine (24hrs collection); Wide mouth lidded plastic container with adequate capacity (at least 4liter), fresh container.
Test Preparation Needed

Patient Preparation:

No patient preparation required. Collect specimen as per instruction supplied from laboratory.

Transport Condition and sample stability
Bring sample to the lab  within three hours after collection in ambient temperature; in case sample storage is required (e.g., for researchers, field collection) Sodium and Potassium stable at 2-250C for 45 days and Chloride at 2-250C for up to 1 week. for TCO2/Bicarbonate, storage is not recommended.

Available Days
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Test Turn Around Time
24 Hours
Test Price
950 BDT