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UTP and CCr

Specimen Required
Blood and urine; Default Sample Type: See 1. UTP, 2. CCr
Test Preparation Needed

Patient Preparation

No patient preparation required. Collect specimen as per instruction supplied from laboratory.

Transport Condition and sample stability

  • Collect an unused plastic container about 4 to 5 liter capacity. (Used container is not acceptable).
  • Select your collection starting time. Select your time in such a way that you can give the sample to the laboratory within our office hours (7:00 am – 8:00 pm).
  • At the selected time, go for first urination. After this, whenever you go for urination, collect the urine sample in the selected container. 
  • After collecting first urine sample, pour the chemical (into urine) that is supplied from the laboratory. Collect the total urine up to the next day same time. 
  • Be careful that the urine does not fall outside the container. If it happens then the result will not be accurate.
  • For Creatinine Clearance ratio (CCR) test, you will require to give blood sample one hour before urine collection time ended. For example, if you start urine collection today at 10 am then you will have to give blood sample next day at 9 am. Patients’ weight and height is also required.
  • After completion of the collection, bring the urine container to the lab as early as possible.     
  • Diet- normal diet. Don’t take alcohol.
Available Days
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Test Turn Around Time
24 Hours
Test Price
1050 BDT