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Stool pH

Specimen Required
Stool; Default Sample Type: Freshly collected stool in fresh and clean approximately 40ml sealable container
Test Preparation Needed

Collect the sterile stool specimen container and a zip lock bag from the counter
• Write your name age sex on the container before sample collection
• Stool may be collected at any time.
• Collect 5-10 gm stool sample in the sterile container and close it appropriately.
• Wrap the container with tissue and keep the sample inside the supplied zip lock bag.
• If collected outside, send the sample to the laboratory as early as possible (more than 2 hrs. is not accepted). Do not preserve the specimen into refrigerator.
• Submit the stool sample to the specimen reception counter.
Note: Stool electrolytes, stool pH and stool osmolality test can be performed from liquid stool only.

Available Days
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Test Turn Around Time
24 Hours
Test Price
630 BDT