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Media and Lyophilization Facility

Facility Head: Ms. Suraiya Begum, MSc

Ms Suraiya Begum developed her career in the field of Microbiology where she has dedicated 24 years in one of the cornerstones of microbiology practices - the Media and Lyophilization facility. Blending her experience with newer technologies, she has proven herself as a valuable member of the organization with her vast capacity in the area of culture media preparation, lyophilization and waste decontamination. With strong leadership, Ms Begum formed an effective and efficient team who prepare and deliver the common and exceptional media to different internal and external users. icddr,b researchers and scientists have expressed their appreciation of the promptness and quality services that they receive from her unit. She has played a great role in creating the organisational microbial repository by lyophilization and inventory of thousands of strains. She has been contributing in effective waste management of icddr,b by providing the autoclaving services of biohazards and miscellaneous waste. Ms Begum is considered as one of the national resources in translational knowledge in her area of expertise.



The Media Facility is offering two different functions for icddr,b: media preparation and sterilisation, and decontamination. Different areas are properly segregated for different activities. In addition, the facility has its dedicated quality control laboratory for media preparation. The facility is supplying prepared and quality control approved culture media to different laboratories as requested; media are used for the growth, biochemical tests, isolation and identification and antimicrobial sensitivity testing of microorganisms. Twelve different types of solid and liquid culture media are prepared every day on a routine basis. On average, 800 agar plates and two litres of liquid media are produced per day. Aside from routine media, the facility is capable of preparing 70 different types of media which are prepared casually or at regular intervals. The unit is providing support in sterilising the solid waste before disposal under the guidance of Biosafety Office. Facilities are available to decontaminate infected lab wares and biohazard materials.